Dana 2.2 MG

Automatic Biopsy gun for disposable Tru-Cut type biopsy needles


Biocore II, II MG, II BR

Biopsy needles for automatic biopsy guns


Mamawire, Mamawire Plus

Breast localization needles


Mamawire Fix

Landmark for interventioned lesions



Prostate pre biopsy blocking needle

Microbar Barium Sulphate

  • Microbar Powder
  • Microbar Suspension
  • Microbar High Density
  • Microbar Paste
  • Microbar for Tomography
  • Microbar for Enema
  • Microbar Rapid Transit
  • Contrapaque (Iohexol)
  • Lek Pamidol (Iopamidol)
  • Trazograf (Diatrazoic acid)
  • Trazogastro – Oral contrast (Diatrazoic acid)
  • Magnilek Injection (Gadopentatic acid) Cardiolek Injection (Iodixanol)


Delivering the Promise of Rapid, Office Cryoablation for Breast Tumors


System is State-of-the-Art 3rd Generation Cryoablation Technology:


  • Short treatment times (5-15 minutes)
  • Probes in various sizes, for targeted iceball
  • Safe and efficient probe design
  • Liquid nitrogen for maximum efficacy
  • Convenient and easy to use system


The procedure is fast, easy and comfortable; it can be completed in minutes, in the physician’s office, under ultrasound guidance. With minimal impact on the patient’s routine, cryoablation has a short recovery time, and leaves virtually no scarring.


Kii Access Family

Applied Medical provides an extensive portfolio of access systems to meet the needs of General, Bariatric, Colorectal, Urological, Gynecological, and Pediatric surgeons. Kii access systems feature fully removable seals, first entry insufflation, and an array of fixation technologies. Now added to our Kii access systems line is the Kii Dissecting Balloon for tissue separation during inguinal hernia repair surgery.


Alexis Protectors and Systems

The Alexis brand is recognized worldwide for improving patient outcomes and reducing superficial surgical site infection.

Alexis products are available in numerous configurations for use in a wide range of specialties.


Epix Universal

Epix laparoscopic instruments integrate naturally with the surgeon's hand, providing exceptional handling, enhanced control, unmatched comfort, and tactile feel.

Absorbable Stapler is a patented skin closure modality that places a proprietary absorbable staple entirely underneath the top layer of skin.


  • As fast as metal stapler
  • Eliminates percutaneous injuries
  • Eliminates metal staple removal
  • Low maintenance wounds
  • Eliminates needlesticks

Superb Exsanguination (95% vs. 45-67% – unprecedented)


  • Bloodless, dry surgical field – avoids risks of incomplete exsanguination
  • Improved anatomical visibility
  • Reduced incidence of post-op DVT
  • Reduced incidence of pulmonary embolism
  • Reduces blood loss, resulting in decreased need for blood transfusion

Interventional Care

Minor Procedure Kits & Trays

Medical Action sets the industry standard for quality and reliability by incorporating state-of-the-art systems with highly skilled professionals working together to provide you with a complete line of Minor Procedure Kits & Trays.


Operating Room Supplies

Complete line of Operating Room Supplies. Designed for superior performance and produced according to the most stringent quality controls, every item is created knowing that you depend on it to perform.


Custom Procedure Trays

AVID TruCustom Procedure Trays (CPTs) means you get the procedure trays with precisely the quality components you specify - every time. Our fill rate is higher than 99% and product compliance >99.5%. You know what you need for superior patient care, and shouldn't have to compromise or find surprises.

Q•Care® Oral Cleansing & Suctioning Systems

Comprehensive Oral Hygiene Addresses Risk Factors Associated with Pneumonia for Ventilated Patients. Our oral care products are designed to help promote oral health to address the risk of hospital-acquired pneumonia, designed to remove plaque, debris, and oral secretions while helping you comply with your oral care protocol.


Comfort Bath® Cleansing Washcloths

Give a Better Bath by Eliminating the Basin – A CAUTI Risk Factor. Our patient cleansing washcloths can help reduce the contamination risk from basins while providing comfortable, skin-friendly benefits to your patients. The washcloths can help your facility comply with CDC infection control guidelines and improve patient satisfaction.

Dale® Hold-n-Place® Foley Catheter Holders

Stabilize the indwelling catheter, reducing the likelihood of traumatic removal, without restricting patient’s movement or irritating the skin.


Dale® Tracheostomy Tube Holders

Designed to provide secure positioning and minimize movement of the tracheostomy tube.


Dale® Transducer Holder

Offers a level and secure platform for up to three transducers. Stability ensures correct waveform readings and corresponding numerical display.


Dale® Bendable ArmBoard

Allows the patient’s hand and wrist to maintain their natural position while securely and comfortably preventing catheter movement.


Dale® Post-Surgical Bra

Provides the support and compression patients need immediately following breast surgery.


Dale® Nasogastric Tube Holder

Ideal for holding most nasogastric tubes, including nasoenteric, Salem Sump®, and Levin stomach tubes.


Dale® Nasal Dressing Holder

Replaces adhesive tape to hold nasal dressings in place following rhinoplasty, septoplasty, sinus surgery, facial trauma and nose bleeds.

Disposable Punch

  • Stainless steel with sharp cutting terminal.
  • Ribbed handle to ensure grip and control.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Sterile and ready to use.
  • Disposable.


Punch for Biopsy - Plunger System

  • Stainless steel with sharp cutting terminal. It allows to take a consistent sample of the surface giving a quality specimen.
  • Size indicator Ribbed handle.
  • Easy control and comfort during the procedure.
  • Internal trigger system. It ejects the skin sample from the metallic lumen of the punch.


Disposable dermal curettes

  • Stainless steel with sharp cutting terminal.
  • Curette number in relief for better identification.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Sterile and ready to use.
  • Disposable.

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Interventional Care

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